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2007 was an amazing year for Central Coast United and produced some fabulous results both in individual and team competitions

Central Coast Zone Champion Girl

5 years
5th Place – Emma Ewing

6 years
Finalist – Isabella Cardwell

7 years
2nd Place – Caelynn Ryan
3rd Place – Carley Rogers
5th Place – Jessie Taylor

10 years
5th Place – Summer Johns

11 years
Finalist – Karlee Frost
Finalist – Rachel Price

12 years
Finalist – Charlotte Jones

13 years
5th Place – Hollie Synnott

Combined Newcastle and Central Coast Zone Champion Lady

33 years and Over Ladies
1st Place - Michelle Johns
2nd Place – Lisa Lewis
5th Place – Michelle Frost
Finalist – Alison Guider

Repecharge for Champion Girl

6 years
Semi Finalist – Isabella Cardwell

11 years
Semi Finalist – Karlee Frost

12 years
Semi Finalist – Charlotte Jones

National Finals for Champion Girl/Lady

10 Years
Semi Finalist – Summer Johns

13 years
Semi Finalist – Hollie Synnott

33 years and Over Ladies
Grand Finalist – Michelle Johns

43 years and Over Ladies
1st Place – Karen Hayes

53 years and Over Ladies
4th Place – Heather Railton
Grand Finalist – Margaret Harrowell


Ladies Championship Grade
33 years and Over Ladies – 4th Place
40 years and Over Ladies – 3rd Place

Revesby Workers/Homebush Canada Bay Interclub

Name Section Place
Isabella Cardwell 6 Years 4th
Carley Rogers 7 Years Heat 1 4th
Caelynn Ryan 7 Years Heat 2 4th
Summer Johns 10 years Heat 1 2nd
Sophie Taylor 10 years Heat 2 4th
Charlotte Jones 12 Years 2nd
Hollie Synnott 13 Years 4th
Laura Hansen 1st Year Senior 4th
Karen Peters Novice Senior 2nd
Alyssa Napier Novice Senior 4th
Vanessa McKeon Open O/33 1st
Michelle Frost Open O/33 2nd
Alison Guider Open O/33 3rd
Vickie Hoipo Open O/33 4th
Karen Hayes Open 0/43 1st
Lisa Bennett Open 0/43 2nd
Debbie Hansen Open 0/43 3rd
Margaret Harrowell Open 0/53 1st